Kinetic 1/32 F-86F Sabre

By Luc Janssen

As I haven’t built many bare aluminium models yet, I decided to start to make some models of unpainted aircraft to learn more about the different metal paints. I went for the F-86F Sabre as deployed in the Korean conflict.

The Kinetic kit is basically good, but a bit on the rough side. Contrary to the Hasegawa kit, the panel lines are engraved, although too heavy for today’s standards.

For the cockpit I used parts of the CAM aftermarket kit and added scratch-built items such as the interior of the canopy and the details behind the ejection seat.

From scratch I built the airbrake wells with the airbrake actuators and added some plumbing and piping. The position of the opened airbrakes is completely wrong in the kit!

I also gave better detail to the front landing gear, added the brake lines of the main gear and some minor detail on the wheel rims.

Aftermarket Sets

As mentioned, I used the F-86F Sabre Cockpit Detail Set from CAM.


The metal paints Aluminium, Dark Aluminium, White Aluminium, Chrome and Jet Exhaust came from Alclad and the other colours from ModelMaster.


I used the decals from the kit together with decals from my spares box.


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