Italeri 1/32 F-104G Starfighter German Navy MFG 2

By Werner Jonczyk

I built this model a few months back and it was not always a joy, but I think this is not a news, because most modelers know the problems of this kit. But what shall we do if we want have a F-104 in scale 1/32, we can take the very old Hasegawa one or those Italeri one, well I think the better choice is the Italeri kit even its not perfect.

The kit was built with extra PE parts from Eduard for exterior.

The paint job was made in Norm 62 with XtraColor X-252 for the bottom surface RAL 9006 and Vallejo Basaltgrey in different shades for the upper surfaces. Final coat with MARABU Flat Varnish.

For the photographing I had been on the abandoned German air force base in Oldenburg by the former Jagdbombergeschwader JaboG 43 (Fighter Bomber Wing 43). I don't like really stark sunlight but more covered cloudy weather, for my taste the pictures look better than in straight sunlight.

© Werner Jonczyk 2019

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This article was published on Monday, December 30 2019; Last modified on Monday, December 30 2019