Hasegawa 1/32 Bf 109K-4 Weisse 8

By John Kim

Here is my recently completed Hasegawa Bf 109K-4. I started it in April, took a long break during the summer and finally finished it eight months later. I added a bit of aftermarket stuff to this build including:

  1. Eagle Editions 109K-4 Resin Cockpit Set
  2. Henri Daehne 109G/K Resin Prop Set
  3. RB Productions 109K-4 Wheel Well Detail Set
  4. RB Productions 109G/K Erla Canopy
  5. Barracuda Studios 109G/K Resin Wheels
  6. AIMS Late War 109s Decal Sheet
  7. Eagle Cals 109K-4 #32-74 Decal Sheet
  8. Airscale Luftwaffe Instrument and Placard Decal Sheets
  9. MDC resin ammo chutes
  10. Eduard masks
  11. Resin/metal landing gear replacements

For the exterior colors, I used a combination of Mr. Hobby Aqueous and AK Interactive Real Colors paints.

The build thread for this model can be found in the forums at the following link:


© John Kim 2019

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This article was published on Monday, December 30 2019; Last modified on Monday, December 30 2019