Revell 1/32 He 111 Diorama

By Panos Chamakiotis

This is my He 111 diorama, 1/32, crash-landed in the desert (70x60).

It's called: "It's all about the oil".

The story is: a British patrol found the crashed and abandoned Heinkel and they are trying to get the ever precious fuel out of its tanks (see the soldier on the wing). And so did the Bedouin that happened to be around (it's their land after all) and so a "discussion" starts...

I used the CMK fuel tanks, Eduard masks and seatbelts and AIRES machine guns. The kit is great but the fit of the wings halves required lots of putty and sanding.

I forgot to place the side MGs on the fuselage (the instructions don't mention them, though Revell provides hollowed out windows for the MGs). I also wanted to open the side panel that encloses the First Aid kit, in order to add more interest in such a long and plain fuselage, but I didn't...

The figures are resin and plastic (Hornet, Miniart, Alpine, Verlinden, Masterbox etc). I painted them in acrylics and it was a first for me and i am very satisfied. Much better than enamels and drybrushing. The Rolls Royce car is from MENG, great kit. Total building time: 130hrs.

© Panos Chamakiotis 2020

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This article was published on Saturday, March 28 2020; Last modified on Saturday, March 28 2020