Kitty Hawk 1/32 T-6 Texan

By Chuck Sawyer

After about 4 ½ months of work, which is an a record short time for me, I’ve finished the Kitty Hawk T-6 Texan kit into a Canadian Harvard. This pandemic we find ourselves in provides plenty of motivation to model, especially when the weather is crappy outside, so I got a lot done the past 2 weeks. This Harvard Mk 4 is a museum bird that lives at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum near Hamilton, Ontario and as far as I know, it stills flies now and then. It was built at Canadian Car and Foundry in 1951 and served RCAF flying schools until it was purchased by a private owner in 1965 and later donated to the museum in 1972.

I have many photos of this aircraft and all of them show it to be super clean, especially those in the museum hanger. Other than dirtied up walkways and the characteristically weathered exhaust pipe, it still looks brand new today. I have always loved the look of these yellow birds and chose this aircraft since the kit decals are the only ones available in 1/32 that I know of.

Key aftermarket items include:

  1. #32354 Eduard Exterior and Landing Flaps
  2. #32810 Eduard Interior Set
  3. #32100 AMS Resin Corrected Prop Blades
  4. #BR32380 Barracuda Resin Tires and Wheels
  5. #132004 HGW Late Spitfire Fabric Seat Belts
  6. AR88015 Archer Decal Rivets (various)

And lots of scratch made enhancements.

Additional notes (check the photos):

This kit presented many, many challenges too numerous to mention, but I have a build log from start to finish in the forums for those who might be interested: Work in Progress Build Thread.

© Chuck Sawyer 2020

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This article was published on Friday, April 17 2020; Last modified on Saturday, April 18 2020