Hasegawa 1/32 P-40E in Russian Service w/ Klimov M-105 Engine

By Tim Biggers

This is the Hasegawa 1/32nd P-40E modified to be a lend-lease aircraft for the Soviet VVS, which they eventually re-engined with the M-105 Klimov engine.

As there is very little info available on these planes, I took some liberties. Here is the basic premise:


  1. Eduard Brassin wheels and tires
  2. Scratch-built upper front engine cowl and exhaust, cast in resin
  3. Spinner and prop from Special Hobby Yak-3 kit (heavily modified and also cast in resin)
  4. RB seatbelts

Here is the Work in Progress Thread: Russian P-40E with Klimov M-105 Engine.

© Tim Biggers 2020

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This article was published on Tuesday, April 28 2020; Last modified on Thursday, April 30 2020