Halinski 1/33 Yakovlev Yak-1B

By Angelo Battistelli

It was not easy.

Hello, this is the title of the article of my new work. It's a paper model and it is my first kit; I once abandoned plastic models for built my Yakovlev. I've spent eight months for built it, so it wasn't easy to cut and bend all pieces big and small parts, the main landing gear is a scratchbuilt with metal foils and the wheels are in resin parts molded by Halinski. The reflection gunsight is self built with copper wire and plasticard, the internal structure of the rear trolley compartment has also been modified with the self-construction of the trolley leg and fork.

I didn't paint it because my Yakovlev was precolored with a scheme dark gray and clear gray of the Russian Ace Serghiey Lugansky.

© Angelo Battistelli 2020

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This article was published on Sunday, October 11 2020; Last modified on Sunday, October 11 2020