Revell 1/32 Me 262A-1a

By Vince Blackburn

1/32 Revell Me-262 A-1a

This kit had been resurrected from the shelf of Doom. The final construction was achieved with some scratch detailing on the opened gun bay, the port engine was left exposed and detailed with added lead solder wires of various sizes. The inlets were covered with home-made engine covers from plastic card and strip.

After market used included a HGW harness and Eduard wheels set.

Gunze lacquer paints used for the main colour scheme:

Exposed engine sprayed with AK Xtreme metals:

All national makings and fuselage bands were sprayed with the aid of Montex masks and Tamiya tape. Small decals such as the unit badge, green 1 and double chevrons are from the Eagle Cal set.

Weathering was done with a combination of Mig washes and oils.

© Vince Blackburn 2020

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