Hasegawa 1/32 Me 163, Converted to a J8M Shusui

By Jeremy Cheung

Here is my 1/32 J8M Shusui. It is the Japanese version of the German Me 163 Komet.

I converted Hasegawa's Komet by removing the front generator spinner and modifying the wing root cannons.

The paint scheme should be experimental orange, but I preferred a speculative scheme and copied the Kayaba Ku-4.

The model was initially airbrushed all over with Tamiya Sky XF-21. A fine-tipped liquid latex masking pen was used to provide the disruptive pattern lines. Tamiya J.A. Green XF-13 was then sprayed for the botches and then the masking removed. Decals come from a 21st Century A6M3 Zero. Minimal weathering was employed as these aircraft made only a few flights.

© Jeremy Cheung 2021

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