Hasegawa 1/32 Bf 109G-10

By Dejan Lukic

I just finished this Hasegawa Bf 109G-10 in 1/32 scale.

This is a Bf109 from 83.LAP flown by Kap. Franc Rupnik during October 1950 in Pula.

All Yugoslav 109s where painted in simple grey upper surfaces and light blue undersurfaces, until in 1950 83.LAP started using dark earth for mottles on some aircraft.

Aircraft has “WHO ATTACKS OUR COUNTRY - IN IT WILL FIND HIS DEATH” patriotic slogan in Serbo-Croatian painted on its wings.

Trieste crisis was still going so hence the inscription.

I used a mix of Valejo and Gunze colors with Valejo varnishes. Also, this is the first time I used oil washes so still a learning process.

Decals are from Lift Here Decals.

I hope you like this one!

© Dejan Lukic 2021

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This article was published on Tuesday, March 30 2021; Last modified on Friday, April 02 2021