Wingnut Wings 1/32 LVG C.VI

By Larry Trout

Just finished my last build, a Wingnut Wings LVG C.VI from the 'Duelists' kit. This one took quite a while.

Added a scratchbuilt gunner’s seat as the kit offering was quite inaccurate; added pipes, levers, control rigging & Kits World seat belts to the cockpit.

Added spark plug wiring & wiring manifolds to the engine. Added Gaspatch Parabellum rear machine gun. Added gas cap to upper wing.

Used Aviattic lozenge decals & Uschi wood grain decals for the fuselage. Adding the rib tapes to the trailing edges was a pain.

Added rigging & used micro brass tubing for the turnbuckles.

Used oils for the wood finish inside the cockpit. Used oils & pastels for weathering, highlights, etc.

Thanks for looking!

© Larry Trout 2021

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This article was published on Thursday, July 29 2021; Last modified on Sunday, August 01 2021