Special Hobby 1/32 Ki-27 Otsu

By Witaliy Zaborowskiy

After a long break, I present to your attention another model – the Ki-27 Otsu of Kenji Shimada, commander of 1 Chutai 11 Sentai, at Khalkhin Gol, June 1939.

The model is generally not of the best quality, but there is no alternative. This is a completely out-of-the-box assembly with homemade hinomaru and unit insignia.

The biggest disappointment (among other things) is the cockpit glazing. Full trash ... But the stage is over, the model is on the shelf - let's move on.


© Witaliy Zaborowskiy 2022

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This article was published on Friday, March 04 2022; Last modified on Saturday, March 05 2022