IPMS/Plastic Surgeons' Show, West Des Moines, IA

By Gordon Kwan

Here are the pictures from the IPMS/Plastic Surgeons' show in West Des Moines IA on April 13. Originally there was not a 1:32 category, but 1:32 ended up getting its own category due to the large turnout. It was the only split of the show.

Me 410 by Larry Hawkins

P-38 by Larry Hawkins

F-105D by Larry Hawkins

P-47 by Mike Motko (1st Place 1:32 Scale Aircraft)



TA-4J Skyhawk by Gordon Kwan

Fw190D9 Dora by Rick Brownlee


Bf 110

Bf 109G

© Gordon Kwan 2002

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