KC CON 2002

By Gordon Kwan

KC CON 2002 was held in Overland Park KS (metro Kansas City) on March 23, 2002 and was IPMS/Great Plains' 13th annual show & contest. This year's show set all kinds of records including attendance and number of models entered with 102 entrants and a total of 493 models. Modelers of all ages were there and all appeared to have had a good time and the vendor rooms were bustling, the model room was brimming with styrene, and the kit auction was a blast.

This year there were double the number of large scale aircraft entries from the previous year and they were spectacular (take a look at the first place Fw 190D9 by Rick Brownlee). The models were found in 2 categories: 9 entries in 1:32 or Larger Aircraft (all types & eras) and 2 entries in Rotary Wing (all scale/types/eras). The top 3 1:32 aircraft were just amazing (I am glad I did not have to judge them) along with the 1:35 AH-1W Cobra. The results from this contest are posted at the IPMS/Great Plains website.

F-4J by Robert Brown

TA-4J Skyhawk by Gordon Kwan

Fw 190D-9 by Rick Brownlee (1st place in 1:32 aircraft)

F6F Hellcat

Fw 190F8 by John Curatola (2nd place in 1:32 aircraft)

Bf 109E by Jeremy Backlund (3rd place in 1:32 aircraft)


Bf 109G

AH-1W by Kevin Grigg (1st place in Rotary Wing)

Huey by John Duffy

UH-60L by Robert Brown

© Gordon Kwan 2002

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