Hasegawa 1/32 F-5E Tiger II

By Luc Van den Ende

Several years ago, I built Hasegawa's 1/32nd scale Northrop F-5E Tiger II kit. At the time, it was the only available kit and I had to build a few items from scratch.

List of scratch-built items:

List of additional items:

I engraved the complete model using an X-acto blade #11. To simulate the rivets, I fabricated a couple of templates from spare brass strip. Tape fixated these templates on the model while I ticked off the many rivets using a .3 mm. drill between thumb and index finger. Time-consuming business, but it was worth the effort!

For painting my model, I used Model Master enamels, following the instructions of the Two Bobs 32-006 decal sheet, 'Aggressors F-5E Tiger II'. I chose the #05 Blue/Grey Saints served at NAS Fallon, VFC-13 'Fighting Saints'. I used masks for the wrap-around camouflage pattern. After enlarging the drawings of the Two Bobs instructions to 1/32nd scale, I glued each pattern on stiff aluminium sheet. These patterns could easily be attached to the model, millimeters from the surface to create a realistic faded line between the different tones. A coat of Model Master gloss varnish to prepare for decaling.

Panel lines were accentuated with a very diluted medium grey mixture of oils, I used different shades of pastels as finishing touch.

Needless to say, building this antique Hasegawa kit proved to be a real test of my patience and perseverance.


Enjoy the photographs and I hope you like it!

Do not hesitate to send me your questions or comments to: luc.vandenende@kuleuven.be.

© Luc Van den Ende 2022

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