21st Century 1/32 A6M3 Zero

By Jeremy Cheung

Here is 21st Century's 1/32 A6M3 Zero which I built (and wrecked) for a diorama.

To portray the damage, I cut up the wings and fuselage with a Dremel tool, then thinned the inner surfaces and punched holes through them with metal instruments. Crumpled lead foil was glued on to replicate torn metal.

A silver enamel undercoat was applied, then a Tamiya acrylic topcoat. Chipping was done using masking tape to lift the acrylic coat off the undercoat.

The finished diorama shows this failed kamikaze attempt.

© Jeremy Cheung 2023

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This article was published on Tuesday, March 14 2023; Last modified on Sunday, March 19 2023