IBG 1/32 PZL P.11c

By Marcin Matejko

I wanted to present to you my latest model, which shows a miniature of the PZL P.11 prototype no. V. This aircraft was presented in 1934 during the 14th International Air Show in Paris.

I built it on the basis of a 1/32 scale PZL P11c aircraft model kit by IBG, or two such kits in fact. This was due to the fact that there are quite a lot of differences between the prototype and the serial P11c aircraft, despite the fact that both aircraft have the same marking painted on the vertical stabilizer. All these nuances, it would seem, are quite important and together with the occasional silver-red painting, they make this plane stand out from all the other PZL P.11c. These differences were meticulously picked out from the analysis of archival photos and documents, and I decided to show them all so that the final effect was as close as possible to the appearance of the prototype.

Below is a list of these differences, although it cannot be ruled out that this is only part of them and perhaps in the future it will be possible to expand it:

During the conversion, I made a lot of components from scratch and used a lot of commercial add-ons (Archer, Bitskrieg, Master, Yahu, Part and Eduard). I put a lot of work into reducing the thickness of the trailing edges in the lifting and steering surfaces of the model.

From scratch I made a representation of the entire riveting on the fuselage and partly on the wings and stabilizers. A different layout of the prototype's hull panels required re-creating most of the dividing lines. I also made an imitation of small deflections on the fuselage and wings simulating deformations on the skin as a result of technological and utility processes.

For the purposes of the presentation, I made a small base inspired by archival photos from the exhibition in Paris.


© Marcin Matejko 2023

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