Tamiya 1/32 F-16C

By Luc Janssen


A friend of mine was a F-16 pilot in the Belgian Air Force and participated in NATO strike and reconnaissance missions in the Middle East. Last year he flew his last sortie on F-16 and for this occasion I built this model for him. It should have been an A-model, but I could not find one so I made the C-model and he didn’t mind.

The Model

This Tamiya kit is of superb quality, but all steps must be planned carefully to avoid difficulties when painting, decaling and weathering!

The cockpit interior was finished with the QUINTA STUDIO F-16 INTERIOR 3D DECAL.

For the BAF version of the fighter I used the Belgian Carapace Update from PWMP.

I gave the landing gear and the wheel wells supplementary details and used the RES/KIT OPEN EXHAUST NOZZLE for the back end of the jet. The FOD cover for the intake was built from scratch.

I used decals from the kit, from DACO Products and from my spare box.

The model is presented “without frills” in a plexiglass casing.


The paints came from Alclad, MRP, Vallejo, AK and Humbrol.

For weathering, I did not apply washes, but weathered with pencils, oil paints and pastels.


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© Luc Janssen 2023

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This article was published on Saturday, May 13 2023; Last modified on Sunday, May 14 2023