Kotare 1/32 Spitfire Mk Ia

By Jan Gabauer

This is my recently finished Kotare Spitfire.

While I have no special interest in Spitfires and I have very limited knowledge of the subject I have to say that this is the best kit I have ever built so far!

Especially from the buildability point of view, with logical build steps, great fit, almost no cleaning required, extensive decals and best in class instructions with detailed color callouts and great profiles, the kit has the highest probability to get finished once started.

I did not use any other references except the instructions. Truly an out of the box build except HGW seatbelts and Artscale double sided masks, which, by the way, fit perfectly.


© Jan Gabauer 2023

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This article was published on Wednesday, July 05 2023; Last modified on Saturday, July 08 2023