IBG 1/32 PZL P.11c

By Thomas Lund

Wladyslaw Gnys' plane - first allied victor of WWII

On the morning of September 1st, Wladyslaw Gnys shot down two German bombers for the first allied victories of WWII. However, Gnys' flight leader had provided Luftwaffe their first victory just a few minutes before...

In my continuing different nations quest, I have come to Poland - this is IBG's sublime 1/32 PZL P-11c. I cannot say enough good about this kit, I wish they would do more.

I used Master brass gun barrels, and btw this is the only 6-gun P-11c... I accidentally dropped not one but two barrels into the wings when mounting them and they refused to come out. Replaced the gear brace PE with a thin piece of steel wire as I bent the PE numerous times handling the kit. Also added HGW seat belts from scraps from other kits.

Painted with Hataka lacquer paint.

BTW it is NOT an error that the wing upper surface national markings are not placed symmetrically. For some reason that was the way it was... (The theory was the asymmetrical markings would throw off enemy gunners aim. Ed.)

© Thomas Lund 2024

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