Tailboom Productions 1:1 Revi C12/D Gunsight

By Rick Kranias

Tail Boom Production's Revi C12/D gunsight is a full resin cast of an actual Revi 12. It includes 32 parts with 5 parts being other substrate: glass, wire and lens.

This has been one of my most challenging builds being all resin. Test fit, test fit to the point of redundancy is needed. Lots of drilling, shaping, mount pins/tabs and scratch work.

This kit is long out of production. This has been in my stash for almost 8 years.

Tail Boom also made Revi16 and Barr Stroud Mk.II gunsights as well as control sticks for Luftwaffe, RAF and Italian aircraft all in 1:1 scale. These too are long out of production.

For more information, check out my build thread in the Work in Progress forum.

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This article was published on Saturday, May 04 2024; Last modified on Saturday, May 04 2024