ICM 1/32 Yak-9T

By Denis Joseph

I'd like to introduce you to my latest model, the 1/32 ICM Yak-9T.

Nice model, accurate, easy enough to assemble and I only regret the engraving lines which are not deep enough for my taste.

I added an Eduard cockpit, CMK wheels and Eduard engine exhaust pipe.

All paint and varnish are from MRP. All the stars and the number “60” are made with Cameo masks and painted with airbrush, the “La Furie” badge is made with decal/laser printer.

For more info on the model. you can check out my build thread in the Work in Progress forum.

I hope you enjoy my Yak-9T!

© Denis Joseph 2024

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This article was published on Friday, May 17 2024; Last modified on Saturday, May 18 2024