1/32 “Old Bandai” Nakajima Ki 84 “Hayate” (Frank)

By Olivier Barles

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Compare to the recent Hasegawa kit, it definitely showed its age, but it had the advantage to be fully “riveted” compare to that new release…

You can guess that I built it a few years ago, well before the Hasegawa kit has become available at the same scale.

I had the chance to closely see one of the still existing Ki-84s at the “Kamikaze Museum” of Chiran in Kyushu – Japan, in spring 97… Not to mention that I shot her multiple times to collect as much as details I could in view of building her in my favorite scale.

I do not count the hours I spent in assembling this kit! Except for the global lines, it was far from being accurate: “non-existing cockpit” that was fully scratch built, a lot of work to make the engine sort of “acceptable” and of course, I had to completely re-built the undercarriage from the tyre to the retraction system as well to re-engrave some correct rivets lines that were wrongly positioned…

Colors represent a plane based in Wuhan end 1944.

I am looking forward to getting now the “next to be released” Hasegawa Nakajima Ki-44 so that I could have the (nearly) complete set of WWII Nakajima fighters in my favorite scale (waiting for a hypothetical Ki-27?), as you can see on a couple of photos displayed here, that I also have a 1/32nd Nakajima Ki-43 “Oscar”!

A bientôt.

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© Olivier Barles

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