Hasegawa 1/32 Fw 190D-9

By Rick Cotton

After seeing Scott Samo's beautiful 1/32 scale Fw 190D-9 at a show in San Antonio a couple of years back, I was inspired to do one myself. At that time, there was only the old Hasegawa "Hi-Grade" kit (new fuselage…old, bad wings) or the @#$%^& Revell offering available. All that changed with the release of Hasegawa's accurate, gorgeous, and reasonably priced 1/32 Dora 9.

Armed with a set of Eaglecals, some late-war acrylic colors, and a stack of prints of some very sweet-looking models by Scott, Brett Green, Chris Wauchop and others, I dug in. Here's the result.

With the exception of some photoetch belts and rudder pedals by Lion Roar of China, a 1-pound fishing fly line antenna, and some brake lines, the bird is box stock (I did fix the incorrect gunsight location).

Colors are Tamiya Sky on the underside to match the RLM Blaugrun, Pollyscale Dunkelgrun and Grauviolett on top, with Modelmaster Flat Red and Yellow bands on the fuselage (HATE painting those!). As Brett Green has stated before, undersides of many (if not all) Werknummer 500 aircraft had natural metal and primer gray portions on their wings. Eaglecals instructions had no definitive info on this particular bird (in the provided photos, Yellow 15's wings are gone!), so I didn't guess, and just shot the whole underside. Some contest Experte judge will probably shoot me down on this, but so what? Dora's a pretty girl, anyway, and she goes in my case, where some of her sisters will undoubtedly join her soon.

The Eaglecals performed flawlessly with a bit of setting solution only necessary on the spinner spiral. Even that one snuggled down perfectly! Here's to more of these outstanding products coming to our grubby little hands!

© Rick Cotton 2004

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