Korea Aerospace and Defense Exhibition 2005 (Seoul Air Show 2005) Part 2

By Jay Kim

Korea Aerospace Industries T-50 advanced supersonic trainer in flight. Courtesy of Monthly Aerospace Korea.

ROKAF Black Eagles aerobatic team. Black Eagles comprise of 6 A-37s. Courtesy by Monthly Aerospace Korea

Lockheed Martin F-35 full-scale mock-up on runway. F-35 was no.1 attraction among all US aircraft displayed at Seoul Air Show 2005. Courtesy by Defence Korea

Head-on view of F-35. Many foreigners and local public climbed ladder to look into cockpit. Courtesy by Defence Korea

Rear-view of F-35. Could not figure out how thrust vectoring was made. Courtesy by Defence Korea

Lockheed Martin JASSM with F-35. Courtesy by Defence Korea.

Israeli IAI-ELTA G-550 scale model in exhibition hall. Israeli
IAI staff is smiling behind G-550

Inside of IAI-ELTA G-550. Consoles in cabin process information and signals
from Elta Phalcon radar and sensors. Courtesy by bemil.chosun.com

KT-1 basic trainer with P & W Canada PT6A-62 turboprop

KO-1 observation and forward airborn controller sitting next to KT-1

KAI KT-1 head-on view

KT-1 basic trainer in exhibition hall. ROKAF operates undisclosed number of KT-1s for pilot training.

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© Jay Kim 2006

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