HobbyBoss 1/32 IL-2M Shturmovik

By Michael Woodgate

This is my Hobby Boss IL-2M Shturmovik. It was built out of the box and I used Akan authentic paints for the first time and I found them very easy to use and sprayed beautifully.

The kit painting instructions state that this particular aircraft had dark green, light green and brown camouflage but the pictures that I have seen of the actual aircraft only seem to show a 2 colour upper camouflage of olive green and black and this is what I have used on my model. I have included a photo of the actual aircraft to show what I mean about its camouflage colours.

Also seen on the actual aircraft the lower Cyrillic text on the fuselage side has a very thin centre of red, the kit decal has this text in white so I carefully brush painted the centre of the text in red.

© 2012 Michael Woodgate

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This article was published on Saturday, July 28 2012; Last modified on Friday, August 26 2016