LSP Kit Database - Fw 190A/F/G Build Threads (39)

HK Models 1/32 Do 335B
Author(s): Kevin Futter
Hasegawa Avia S-92
Author(s): Kevin Futter
Hasegawa FW 190A-8
Author(s): Damian Andrus
B-17 "Flying Fortress" - 1/32 by HK Models, Eduard, Profimodel
Author(s): Michael Franz
B-17G Late - HKM
Author(s): Mark Costello
HobbyBoss P-61A-1 Nightie Mission
Author(s): Plm
P-61B Black Widow Hobby Boss
Author(s): Johan Bos
P-61 Black Widow built as an "A" model
Author(s): Bodo Cordes
Author(s): pzcreations
P-61B-1 "The Spook"
Author(s): Tom Wilson
Hobby Boss Il-2 Single-Seater
Author(s): Jason Moore
Hobby Boss 1/32 IL-2 Sturmovik
Author(s): EmperorKai
Hobby Boss Il-2 single seater
Author(s): Hans
1:32nd B-17G 'Aluminium Overcast'
Author(s): Tom Probert
HK B-17...D???
Author(s): Craig Hartnett
B-17G Late - HKM
Author(s): Mark Costello
HK B-17G on a stick
Author(s): Pete Fleischmann
Second Attempt at HKM B-17G With Some Minor Improvements
Author(s): Silver Dollar
Author(s): Scott Sayer
B-17G Double the fun!
Author(s): pzcreations
1/32nd scale HK B-17G
Author(s): Tom Probert
My HK B-17G Build
Author(s): redragon1999
HK B-17G
Author(s): Tim Wilson
B-17G D Day Doll April 1945
Author(s): ykak
Revell 1/32 BF-109G-10 Erla
Author(s): Tom Wilson
Revell 1/32 Bf 109 G-10 "Erla"
Author(s): Nico Brademann
Revell Bf109G-10 Erla as Enemy Ace plane
Author(s): Don Hamade
Revell Bf109G-10
Author(s): Jay Howard
Bf 109 F-2 backdated by Lucian Millo from Revell's Bf109 G-6
Author(s): Lucian Millo
Hasegawa FW-190A-7 1/32
Author(s): Vaclav Klimt
Me109's at last
Author(s): Brian Cauchi
Revell He-219 Uhu Corrections thread
Author(s): Nigelr32
1/32 Revell Heinkel He-219 Engine-Nacelle Kitbash
Author(s): fockewings
He-219 A-2 Revell Quickbuild
Author(s): dutik
Hasegawa Bf 109 G-6/AS, "Red 2" 1./NJGr. 10
Author(s): Nico Brademann
Bf109G-6, JG 51, Hasegawa 1/32
Author(s): 109
1/32 Hasegawa Bf109G-6 9/JG52, Hartmann 1942-43
Author(s): Kent Strickland
Hungarian Bf 109G-6
Author(s): John Alexander
HE-219 Revell 1/32
Author(s): Shawn Manny