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JRutman Products 1/32 Henschel Hs 129B

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Kit Details - JRutman Products 1/32 Henschel Hs 129B

ManufacturerJRutman Products
Kit NameHenschel Hs 129B
Kit Number
Kit FamilyJRutman Hs 129 (3 members)
StatusOut of Production
NotesSee Hs 129: Panzerjäger!, by Pegg, Creek, Tullis and Bentley (Classic series, No. 2; Classic Publications [UK], 1997; 340 pages) for camouflage and markings information: a photo and color profile of "Yellow 3" appear on pages 84 and 85 there; a color profile and photos of "White <, Blue O" appear on pages 105-107; a color profile of "Red C" appears on page 120; and a color profile and photos of "Red J + —" appear on pages 132 and 133. Also, color profiles of "White K" and "Red J + —" appear in the centerfold and on the back cover, respectively, of Henschel Hs 129 in Action, by Bernád (Aircraft in Action series, No. 176; Squadron/Signal [USA], 2001; 50 pages).
MarkingsHs 129B-2 "Yellow 3" of Pz.Jä.St/JG 51, Eastern Front, Spring 1943; Hs 129B-2 "White K" [winter camouflage] of 10.(Pz)/SG 9, March 1944; Hs 129B-2 "White <, Blue O" of 4.(Pz)/SchG 2; Hs 129B-2 "Red C" of 8.(Pz)/SchG 2, El Aouina, Tunisia, early 1943; Hs 129B-2 "Red J + —" of 8.(Pz)/SchG 1, Kuban, Russia, May 1943; Hs 129 "Black N"[?]; Heer Infantry Assault Badge; full stencil markings.
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