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Roden 1/32 Nieuport 27 c1

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Kit Details - Roden 1/32 Nieuport 27 c1

Kit NameNieuport 27 c1
Kit Number630
Kit FamilyRoden Nieuport 27 (1 members)
MarkingsNieuport 27, N5690 flown by Sgt. Marcel Gasser of Escadrille N.87 Aviation Militaire. France, Spring 1918;
Nieuport 27, B3631 flown by Capt. H. J. Hamilton of No.29 Squadron Royal Flying Corps. Proven, France, December 1917;
Nieuport 27,(serial unknown) of the No. 1 Squadron Royal Flying Corps. Baileul, France, December 1917;
Nieuport 27, N5459 flown by Lt. Jacques Michael Swaab (DSC) of 22nd Aero Squadron of American Expedition Force in Europe. Issoudun, France, August 1918;
Nieuport 27, unknown Aero Training Squadron of American Expedition Force in Europe. France, mid-1918;
Nieuport 27, N5532 flown by Commander of Escadrille N.99 Aviation Militaire - Capt. Roger de Richemont, 1917;
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