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Azur 1/32 Caudron C.714C.1

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Kit Details - Azur 1/32 Caudron C.714C.1

Kit NameCaudron C.714C.1
Kit Number091
Kit FamilyAzur Caudron 714 (2 members)
Notes "Finnish service"
Markings 3 options: BuNo. 8539/C-552. No.7, LLv30, Pori, Finland, September, 1940. BuNo. 8538/ C-556, No.6, LeV, Toukokuu, Finland 1941. BuNo. 8539/C-555. No.3, LLv30, Pori, Finland, September, 1940
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Les Chasseurs Caudron: CR.714 et dérivés
Author(s): Comas, Ledet, Cony
Publisher: Editions Lela Presse
Published: 2003

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