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T.C. Ghosts 1/32 Globe/Temco Swift

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Kit Details - T.C. Ghosts 1/32 Globe/Temco Swift

ManufacturerT.C. Ghosts
Kit NameGlobe/Temco Swift
Kit NumberUnknown
Kit FamilyTC Ghosts Swift (1 members)
NotesThe vacuformed plastic parts are of Combat Models quality, being made with male molds, with faint uneven panel lines when present. The clear vacuformed canopy, is incredibly thin, very flimsy, with barely visible canopy frame detail. You are provided a set of plastic wheels, and a propeller, and wire for the landing gear. The assembly instructions, are two pages of step by step instructions. The large sheet of line drawings will be most helpful in creating the panel lines, and canopy frame detail missing on the vacuformed parts. There is no interior provided. [Description provided by David Cooper.]
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