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Kit NameBell Model 47G-2
Kit NumberGP-1003
Kit FamilyGakken 1/20 Bell Model 47G-2 (1 members)
StatusOut of Production
NotesVery rare. This is a very large 1/20 scale Bell 47 kit that uses a variety of materials. The elaborate fuselage is completely hand-soldered brass tubing. Also cast in brass is the main rotor mast and landing skids. Other metal parts include very small screws, springs and door frames. The brass body is completely assembled and primed at the factory. The package contains a specially cut foam insert so that the brass parts cannot be damaged in transit. Under this foam is a large, long brown box. Inside is the reminder of the parts and they are still factory sealed. The parts are injection molded in ivory and clear. There is a large decal sheet for what appears to be many helicopters and full instructions. Gakken began plastic kit production in 1965 and used Gakken and G-Mark as logos. Production of these kits ended in about 1985.
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