Werner's Wings UH-60 Medevac decal sheet

Information supplied by Floyd S. Werner, Jr.

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Here is a sneak peak at the 23 UH-60 Blackhawks that will be offered on the new Werner's Wings decal sheet. These decals will be available in 1/35th and 1/48th scale, there may be a much smaller 72nd scale sheet, but no promises, it depends on room. No release date yet or pricing, but just a tempting look at what we are working on. This sheet would not be possible without Mason Doupnik's skills with the computer. He is doing all the artwork. Will you ever need another Blackhawk sheet? Maybe, see below.

There certainly are a lot of Medevac 60s on there. I wonder why that is? Well there will be a new resin Medevac Interior coming, hopefully within the next three weeks. This was mastered by Joseph Szczygielski. Search for it on Aeroscale. The level of detail here is phenomenal. I'm anxious to see how well the casters were able to do the set. The masters were phenomenal.

The sharp eyed individual will note that there are no MH-60s on there at all. There is a reason for that madness. We are also working on a Nightstalker sheet in the same scales that will have marking for AH/MH-6s, MH-60s, including DAPs and no less than four 'Blackhawk Down' aircraft including Durant and Wolcott's, and MH-47s. Near and dear to my heart will be the decals to do my friend, Major Matt Worrell's aircraft that he was killed in. I plan on using this sheet as a tribute and homage to the pilots and crew of the TF-160th. I will donate a portion of the proceeds at years end to the Nightstalker Memorial Fund.

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