Two New Decal Sets for the new Revell Erla-Built Bf 109G-10 from Barracuda Studios

Information supplied by Roy Sutherland

Barracuda Studios is proud to announce two new decal sets in 1/32nd for the new Revell Erla built Bf 109G-10.

The Erla Built Bf 109G-10 is not to be confused with a G-10 fitted with a Erla hood. This variant had a completely unique engine cowling arrangement. The new Revell kit, which is a very nice kit and, for the most part, quite accurate, is the first time this variant has been kitted in injection.

Each sheet contains SEVEN varied and interesting schemes for the Erla G-10. Exhaustively research by Anders Hjortsberg with further assistance by other notable 109 experts, these sheets reflect the very latest knowledge on the Erla G-10s. Anders has produced superbly detailed and accurate profiles, and larger versions can be downloaded from the Barracuda Studios website to assist you in recreating the fascinating camouflage schemes. .Extensive and detailed painting notes highlight a number of interesting points about the finish of these very late war Gustavs. For those wanting to know more, there is a link on the sheets to Ander's blog, where much more in-depth discussions of these aircraft can be found.

Decals are gorgeously printed by Cartograf, and much effort was put into color matching. Each sheet contains all the specific markings for all seven aircraft, along with 2 full stencil suites and two complete sets of national markings and spinner spirals.

BC32144 Erla Bf 109G-10s - Part 1

Bf 109G-10 (Erla built). White 14
Ex II./JG3 aircraft. Flown by Waldemar Wagler, JG51 at Garz, Germany, April 1945
Bf 109G-10 (Erla built). Yellow 6
JGr.300. Pilot Unknown. Neubiberg, Germany. June, 1945.
Bf 109G-10 (Erla built). Black 13
JG27(?) Location Unknown, Mid June 1945
Bf 109G-10 (Erla built). Red 5
2./JG300. Flown by Friedrich-Wilhelm “Timo” Schenk. Borkheide, February 1945
Bf 109G-10 (Erla built). Blue 1
JG301. Pilot Unknown. Base Unknown. Spring, 1945
Bf 109G-10 (Erla built). Black 22
5./JG52. Pilot and location unknown.
Bf 109G-10 (Erla built). No identity markings.
Squadron and location unknown. June, 1945

BC32145 Erla Bf 109G-10 - Part 2

Bf 109G-10 (Erla Built). Black 4
JGr.300. Pilot Unknown. Found at Langensalza, Germany. June, 1945
Bf 109G-10 (Erla Built). Green 7
11./JG300. Prague-Kbely in May 1945
Bf 109G-10 (Erla Built). Black 10
I./JG4. Pilot unknown. Giessen, Germany. June, 1945
Bf 109G-10 (Erla Built). Black Chevron
JGr.300. Pilot unknown. Location unknown.
Bf 109G-10 (Erla Built). Yellow 2
KG(J)27. Pilot unknown. Kaufbeuren, Germany. May, 1945
National markings: Small
Bf 109G-10 (Erla Built). Yellow 24
6./JG27. Flown by Staffelkapitän Antonius Wöffen. March 11, 1945.
Bf 109K-4 (Erla Built). W.Nr 570375
Unit, pilot and location unknown.

These 2 new sheets are up on the website and available for ordering now! 109 fans also note that we now stock the terrific ADH book on building the Revell 109G-6 by Brett Green, with additional models by Marcus Nicholls, Chris Wauchop and Roy Sutherland. A nice one stop reference for building the Revell G-6.

A number of new resin sets for both the new 1/32 Revell 109G-6 and G-10 are coming shortly. Watch this space for announcements.

Happy modelling! Roy

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