Airframe Album No 4 on the Westland Whirlwind will Publish Week Commencing May 19

Information supplied by Mark Peacock

Hot on the heels of Trumpeter's Whirlwind kit we have breaking news regarding Airframe Album No 4.

Airframe Album No 4 – The Westland Whirlwind - A Detailed Guide To The RAF’s Twin-engine Fighter by Richard A Franks will publish week commencing May 19th.

We've got some cracking isometric drawings by our new artist Wojtek Sankowski showing off all the detail differences between variants-you might be surprised at how many there are.

As an added bonus we are extending our pre-order postage offer and our prize draw offer with a chance to win a Trumpeter Whirlwind kit to May 25th.

What’s more we are making a set of 1/48 scale plans for the Whirlwind available for all customers who have pre-ordered a copy. These plans have been carefully crafted by Richard J. Caruana and will be the perfect companion to both the book and your new Trumpeter Whirlwind kit.

The Westland Whirlwind-A Detailed Guide To The RAF’s Twin-engine Fighter retails at £15.95 RRP. Order before May 25th and get £2.00 off post and packing, a chance to win a free kit PLUS a free set of scale plans.

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This article created on Friday, May 09 2014; Last modified on Friday, May 09 2014