Ta 152 book Reprinted

Information supplied by Jerry Crandall

By popular demand we have reprinted the highly acclaimed Ta 152 book by Thomas H. Hitchcock, standard edition.

We do have a few of the first edition limited autographed leather bound volumes available.

For more information visit our website on the Ta 152 book.

For this second edition we have made two changes:

We reprinted only a very limited run and when these are gone, we will not reprint again. If you still do not have this book in your library, we strongly urge you to add it today.

Standard Second Edition...$75.00 U.S.
Deluxe First Edition...........$115.00 U.S.

Contact Information

email: eagle@eagle-editions.com
phone: 406-363-5415
web: http://www.eagle-editions.com

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