New Book and Decals from Eagle Editions

Information supplied by Jerry Crandall

Profile Hangar No. 1, Written and Illustrated by Thierry Dekker

64 pages, 59 aircraft profiles of which 47 depict nose art.

Ten different aircraft types including P-51, P-40, P-47, Hurricane, Spitfire, Typhoon, Curtiss H-75, Fw 190, Spad XIII, Hellcat.

64 photos including two in color.

Reserve your copy today, we have a limited number available.

Published by Thierry and Christine Dekker's Landscape Publications, this is No. 1. Two issues per year are planned.

EC#145: B-25J - 345th BG Air Apaches

EC#146: B-25H

EC#147: He 219 Uhu

B-25J and B-25 H here soon - on the way from Cartograf in Italy! EC#147-32 He 219 - shipping soon!

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