Barracuda Studios New Products Announcements

Information supplied by Roy Sutherland

Barracuda Studios is proud to announce 4 new resin sets in 1/32nd scale.

These new sets have a decidedly British theme, with one exception, as they were debuted at the IPMS/UK National convention earlier this month. That, and I really love British aircraft!

The 3 slot Spitfire wheels get the super detailed treatment for 1/32nd Spitfire kits. These wheels are perfect for postwar builds of the Tamiya Spit XVI, a huge upgrade for the Matchbox Spit 22, as well as postwar and export versions of the Spit XIV from PCM and even Spit IXs from Tamiya. Many warbird Spitfires are fitted with 3 slot wheels as well.

BR32104 1:32 Scale Spitfire 3 Slot Wheels - Circumferential Tread

This set contains a pair of super detailed resin 3 slot wheels with ribbed tyres as fitted to many postwar variants, including the Spitfire XIV, XVI, XVIII,XIX, 22/24, as well as some Seafire 45 and 46 and Spiteful/Seafangs. These wheels are fitted to many postwar foreign Spits as well as many warbirds of all marks. Made from careful measurements and photos taken of full size wheels. Can be fitted to many Spitfire kits.

The PCM Tempest Mk.V is a very nice and accurate injection molded kit. It is a short run kit, but with a little extra attention, it can be built into a superb replica. My love for the Tempest runs deep, so I have come up with a number of quick and easy upgrades to make it really stand out. The intake ring and seat are very visible components, so our new resin parts add real bang for the buck. Don't forget out 3 Tempest wheels sets, released back in August. These are big improvements over the kit parts as well, and allow you to build any Tempest V, from the Series I to Postwar.

BR32141 1:32 Scale Typhoon, Tempest Mk V Intake Ring

This set consists of an accurate one piece, seamless resin carburettor intake duct and shroud. It replaces the somewhat crude multi-part duct found in the otherwise very nice PCM Tempest V. Also fitted to many Typhoons and other Tempest V kits.

BR32142 1:32 Scale Typhoon and Tempest seat with Backpad

This set features a super detailed, accurate resin seat with quilted backpad. Even the open seat back and supporting springs are represented. Created from close study of an actual seat. For the PCM Tempest V and other Tempest kits. Also perfect for the 32nd Revell Typhoon.

Don't forget the 3 wheels sets we have recently released for the 1/32nd scale Tempest V.

Finally, the Meng 1/32 Me 163 has just been released. A superbly engineered kit with some less than stellar rubber wheels have been replaced by a our new resin mainwheels. These wheels are a simple press fit replacement and are faithful replicas of an actual Me 163 mainwheel.

BR32148 1:32 Scale Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet Mainwheels

Super detailed, accurate resin plain tread mainwheels as fitted to the Me 163's jettisonable takeoff dolly. Features unique Me 163 hub design, delicate tire beads and manufacturer logo in outline style and raised tire data. Designed for the Meng and Hasegawa kits.

These new sets are now in stock and ready to order on the Barracuda Studios website.

Happy modelling, and Happy Thanksgiving! Roy

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