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Reference Details for 2nd Tactical Air Force Volume 1

Book Cover
Title2nd Tactical Air Force Volume 1
AuthorsShores, Thomas
PublisherClassic Publications
Types Covered(Douglas) Boston IIIA, (North American) Mitchell II, (de Havilland) Mosquito VI, (North American) Mustang I, III, (Supermarine) Spitfire IXB, XIV, (Hawker) Typhoon IB, (Lockheed) Ventura
Cockpit Details
Wheel Well Details
Other DetailsRolls of Sommerfeld tracking p. 14, Mitchell bomb trolleys pp. 35, 41 (also shows tractor used by RAF, also p. 102), starter trolley with Bostons p. 36, Flak-damaged Mustand tail p. 46, Typhoons with cowling covers with ‘chimneys’ (for prewarming engines) p. 63, Typhoon bomb trolleys pp. 63, 81, back of a NAAFI van p. 64, Typhoon engine firewall exposed p. 67, Typhoon car-door window open with pilot inside p. 73, Typhoon engine and inside exposed, hoisting tripod (German!) p. 83, starter trolley on Spitfire’s port side p. 84, tent p. 87, Mosquito bomb trolley p. 92, amourers preparing belts om 20mm ammunition (with ? ammunition boxes) p. 110, damaged Spitfires p. 112, armourers with rockets (stacks) p. 118, Mustang maintenance (ladders etc.) p. 124, SMT (square mesh track) being laid out p. 141, French farmer’s cart and horse on airfield p. 158, refueling van p. 162, starter trolley p. 169, Spitfire on trestles p. 169, Typhoon dust filter (hinged doors) p. 176
Cutaway Drawings
Multiview Drawings
Generic Camouflage PatternsColour profiles, each type is followed by squadron recognition codes, serial number and page.
Boston IIIA (RH-E BZ389 p. 36)
Mitchell II (MQ-V FW152 p. 148)
Mosquito VI (SY-Z, NS898 p. 169; EG-F HX922 p. 72)
Mustang I (Y AP214 p. 128;Y AM210 p. 14)
Mustang III (QV-V FZ164 p. 71; PK-G FB382 p.173; YT-S FZ110 p. 109; DV-H FB189 p. 128; UZ-L FZ180 p. 129;PK-A FB398 p. 129)
Spitfire IX (JE-J EN398 p. 30; YT-Jas MH358 p. 37; FF-Y MH737 p. 56; Czd MK892 p. 128; DU-L MJ840 p. 129; AH-Z NH171 p. 130; VZ-S MJ255 p. 130; 21-N MH370 p. 130; GW-B MJ966 p. 168)
Spitfire XIV (JEJ MV257 p. 31)
Typhoon IB (HF-D DN334 p. 15; EL-C JP590 p. 44; IB ZY-Z JP649 p. 66; XP-A JP535 p. 73; HH-C JR319 p. 83; XP-U MN253 p. 128; MR-? MN819 p. 129; PR-M MN131 p. 130; CG MN666 p. 139; ZY-B MN317 p. 149)
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings Profiles

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