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Reference Details for 2nd Tactical Air Force Volume 2

Book Cover
Title2nd Tactical Air Force Volume 2
AuthorsShores, Thomas
PublisherClassic Publications
Types Covered(Avro) Anson, (Douglas) Boston IIIa, (North American) Mitchell, (de Havilland) Mosquito FB VI, (North American) Mustang II, III, (Handley Page) Sparrow, (Supermarine) Spitfire FR IX, IX, PR XI, XIVE, (Fieseler) Storch (captured, in RAF markings p. 227), (Hawker) Tempest V, (Hawker) Typhoon IB, (Vickers) Wellington
Cockpit Details
Wheel Well Details
Other DetailsJeep with rollers (for flattening runway) p. 203, mesh in front of Typhoon intakes p. 212, ack-ack crews p. 221, Typhoon bombs p. 235, recovery crane p. 239, Typhoon with Flak-damaged wing p. 248, bombing up a Spitfire (bomb trolleys) p. 260, jeep and crane in front of (German) hangar camouflaged as civilian buildings p. 270 (also p. 283), armourers carrying drop tanks p. 277, Flak-damaged Typhoon tail p. 315, rows of jerrycans (with notable varying colours) p. 324, Mosquito bomb trolleys p. 327, Spitfire taxiing through water p. 332, starter trolley p. 342, stack of crates p. 351, runway caravan p. 371
Cutaway Drawings
Multiview Drawings
Generic Camouflage PatternsColour profiles, each type is followed by squadron recognition codes, serial number and page.
Boston IIIa (RH-B BZ264 p. 256)
Mosquito FB VI (OM-Q NS855 p. 330)
Mustang II (L FR515 p. 312)
Mustang III (QV-A FZ190 p. 214)
Spitfire FR IX (X MK716 p. 285; U MK290 p. 310)
Spitfire IX (LO-D p. 203; 5R-B MK862 p. 237; Y2-Y MK464 p. 257; FF-J NK493 p. 260; LZ-A PT540 p. 281; WX-D MH712 p. 282; 4D-A PV144 p. 374)
Spitfire PR XI (PA900 p. 255)\
Spitfire XIVE (EB-E RM797 p. 299; C RM818 p. 312)
Tempest V (JF-H JN817 p. 300; JBW EJ750 p. 357; W2-X EJ705 p. 362)
Typhoon IB (5V-X JR500 p. 219; ZY-W MM963 p. 246; HH-D MN536 p. 247; XM-S JR427 p. 248; BR-? MN590 p. 249; OV-Y MN859 p. 266; HF-U JR390 p. 286; DJS MN941 p. 287; A EK371 p. 311; PR-V MN178 p. 343; ZH-G MN989 p. 346; ZZII MN587 p. 346; SF-R PD511 p. 358)
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings Profiles
NotesPages numbered 193 - 384

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