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Reference Details for 2nd Tactical Air Force Volume 3

Book Cover
Title2nd Tactical Air Force Volume 3
AuthorsShores, Thomas
PublisherClassic Publications
Types Covered(Douglas) Dakota, (Gloster) Meteor III, (North American) Mitchell, (de Havilland) Mosquito VI, XIII, XXX, (North American) Mustang II, (Supermarine) Spitfire IX, XIV, XVI, (Fairey) Swordfish III, (Hawker) Tempest V, (Hawker) Typhoon IB
Cockpit Details
Wheel Well Details
Other Details‘Hot-air’ van p. 399, Typhoon ‘Pulverizer II’ and ‘Pulverizer IV’ profiles pp. 414, 415, jeeps in use by RAF p. 461, mobile control room pp. 472, 473, damaged aircraft pp. 478-479, recovery crane p. 480, motor cycle p. 507, rocket assembly (stashes of heads and tails) p. 524, refueling van (colour picture) p. 524 , mobile church p. 564
Cutaway Drawings
Multiview Drawings
Generic Camouflage PatternsColour profiles, each type is followed by squadron recognition codes, serial number and page.
Meteor III (YQ-Q EE239 p. 541; YQ-B EE247 p. 542)
Mosquito VI (YH-Y PZ306 p. 429)
Mosquito XIII (PS-C HK477 p. 405; RA-O MM767 p. 411)
Mosquito XXX (ME-B MM820 p. 404)
Mustang II (X FD535 p. 402)
Spitfire IX (SS RK853 p. 452)
Spitfire XIV (MN-B NH689 p. 435; EB-V NH745 p. 491; GCK MV263 p. 493; AE-P RM727 p. 534; 7S-BB RM764 p. 546)
Spitfire XVI (AU-S TB634 p. 446; GW-Y TB702 p. 506; TD317 p. 507; 21-J SM204 p. 513)
Tempest V (JJ-F EJ762 p. 419; US-C EJ721 p. 421; ZD-Y EJ883 p. 498; WZ-A NV700 p. 526; EDM SN228 p. 527; SA-M SN129 p. 535; 5R-B SN206 p. 536)
Typhoon IB (18-P MP149 p. 414; 18-P RB389 p. 415; KN-L RB208 p. 460; IB ZY-V SW422 p. 463; FJ-A SW523 p. 482; ZH-Q RB478 p. 495; JB SW470 p. 503)
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings Profiles
NotesPages numbered 385 - 576

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