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Reference Details for USAAF Aircraft of W.W.II

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TitleUSAAF Aircraft of W.W.II
PublisherDelta Publishing
Types CoveredP-35, P-36, CW-21, Vought V-141, Spitfire, P-38, F-5, P-39, P-40, P-43, P-47, P-51, P-63, P-61, P-64, Vultee Vanguard, XP-58 (P-58), XP-67 (P-67), XP-75 (P-75), B-10, XB-15 (B-15), B-17, B-18, XB-19 (B-19), B-23, B-24, B-25, B-26, B-29, B-32, A-18, XA-19 (A-19), A-20, A-26, A-35 Vengeance, XA-21 (A-21), XA-38 (A-38), XF-12A Rainbow, F-15A, O-47, Aeronca 0-58 (L-3), Piper 0-59 (L-4 Cub), Interstate L-6, OA-12 (J2F Duck), AT-6 (T-6), BT-13, BC-3, AT-10, AT-15, AT-21, C-40 (Electra), C-45, YC-34 (C-34, DC-2), C-46, C-47 (DC-3) [including a C-47 on floats], C-54 (DC-4), C-73 (Boeing 247), C-75, UC-43 (C-43, GB, JB) Staggerwing, UC-61, UC-64 (C-64) Norseman, UC-70 (C-70), UC-78 (C-78) Bobcat, UC-85 (C-85), CG-4a Hadrian, Horsa, CG-13
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