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Reference Details for British Flying-Boats and Amphibians 1909-1952

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TitleBritish Flying-Boats and Amphibians 1909-1952
Types CoveredA.D. Flying-boat; BLACKBURN N1B, Pellet, Iris, Sydney, Perth, B20, Burney; CURTISS 1913 Flying-boat, H4, H8; ENGLISH ELECTRIC P5, Ayr; FAIREY N4 Class; FRANCO-BRITISH AVIATION F.B.A. Flying-boat; NORMAN THOMPSON NT4, NT2, N1B, N2C; PARNALL Prawn; PERRY-BEADLE 1913 Flying-boat; PEMBERTON-BILLING PB1, PB7, SS1; PHOENIX P5 Cork; PORTE FELIXSTOWE F1, Baby, F2, F3, F5, Fury; RADLEY ENGLAND Waterplane; ROYAL AIRCRAFT FACTORY CE1; SAUNDERS Kittiwake, Medina, Valkyrie, A.14; SAUNDERS-ROE Cutty Sark, Severn, Cloud, Windhover, London, A.33, Lerwick, A.37, S.R.A./1 jet flying-boat fighter, Princess; SHORT Cromarty, S2, Cockle, Singapore, Calcutta, Rangoon, Singapore II, S15, Kent, Sarafand, R.24/31, Singapore III, C Class Empire Flying-boat, Sunderland, Mayo Composite, G Class, Transport Sunderland (Hythe Class), Shetland, Seaford, Sandringham, Solent, Sealand; SOPWITH Bat Boats; SUPERMARINE Baby, Sea King, Channel, Sea Lion, Commercial Amphibian, Seal, Seagull, Sea Lion, Sea Eagle, Scarab, Swan, Southampton, Solent, Seamew, Sheldrake, Air Yacht, Scapa; VICKERS SUPERMARINE Type 179, Walrus, Stranraer, Sea Otter, Seagull; VICKERS Valentia, Viking, Vulture, Vanellus; WHITE AND THOMPSON No. 3 Boat, Twin-engined Boat; WYVENHOE (HUMPHREYS) Wyvenhoe Flyer
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