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Reference Details for British Racing and Record-Breaking Aircraft

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TitleBritish Racing and Record-Breaking Aircraft
Types CoveredAERONCA C-3; AIRSPEED Courier, Envoy; ARMSTRONG WHITWORTH Argosy, Atalanta, Siskin; AVRO Avian, Baby, Lancaster, Lancastrian, Lincoln, Ten, Vulcan, Avro D; B.A. Eagle; Blackburn Bluebird IV, Pellet; BLÉRIOT XI; BRISTOL Badminton, Bloodhound, Britannia, Bristol Type 72 Racer, Bristol Type 28 Tourer, Bristol Type 109, Bristol Type 138A, C.A.C. Mustang; CIERVA Airhorse, C.30A; CODY British Army Aeroplane; COMPER Kite, Mouse, Streak, Swift; DE HAVILLAND DH4R, DH9, DH14, DH50, DH60 Gypsy Moth, DH60 Moth, DH60 Moth Major, DH65 Hound, DH71 Tiger Moth, DH80 Puss Moth, DH82 Tiger Moth, DH83 Fox Moth, DH84 Dragon, DH85 Leopard Moth, DH88 Comet, DH89 Dragon Rapide, DH98 Mosquito, DH100 Vampire, DH103 Hornet, DH106 Comet, DH108, DH112 Sea Venom, TK1, TK2, TK4; DESOUTTER I, Desoutter II; ENGLISH ELECTRIC Canberra; EoN Olympia; FAIREY FD2, Gyrodyne, Long-range Monoplane, Rotodyne, Fairey III; FOKKER F.VII; GLOSTER IV, Gloster V, Gloster VI Golden Arrow, Meteor, AS31 Survey; GLOSTERSHIRE Gloster I, Gloster II, Gloster III, Mars I Bamel; GRUNAU Baby; HANDLEY PAGE Hare, Hastings, Victor, O/400, V/1500, HP18, W8, W10; HAWKER Cygnet, Fury II, Horsley, Hunter, Hurricane, P.1052, Sea Fury, Sea Hawk; HAWKER SIDDELEY Harrier; HESTON Type 5; LOCKHEED Altair, Constellation, DL-1 Special Vega; MARTIN-HANDASYDE Monoplane; MARTINSYDE Semiquaver; McDONNELL-DOUGLAS Phantom FGR.1 (F-4); MILES Falcon, Falcon Six, Gemini, Hawk, Hawk Major, Hawk Speed Six, Hobby, Sparrowhawk; MONOSPAR ST-4; PARNALL Heck; PERCIVAL Gull Four, Gull Six, Mew Gull, Proctor, Vega Gull; PIPER Comanche; RYAN B-1 Brougham, Ryan Monoplane; SARO Windhover; SAUNDERS-ROE Severn; SHORT Biplane, Mayo Composite, Mussel, Singapore, Valetta, S27, S34, S36, S38; SHORT-BRISTOW Crusader; SLINGSBY Falcon, Hjordis, Prefect, Skylark; SOPWITH Bat Boat, Circuit Seaplane, Spowith Schneider, Tabloid, Sopwith Three-seater; SPARTAN Arrow, Cruiser III; SUPERMARINE Attacker, Scimitar, Seagull, Sea King, Sea Lion, Speed Spitfire, Spitfire, Swift, S4, S5, S6; TAYLOR Tiger Cub, Titch; VICKERS Nene-Viking, Valiant, Vellore, Vespa, Viking, Vimy, Vimy Commercial, Viscount, Vivid, Vulture, Wellesley; VOISIN-FARMAN I-bis; WESTLAND Widgeon III
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