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Reference Details for Biplane to Monoplane: Aircraft Development 1919-39

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TitleBiplane to Monoplane: Aircraft Development 1919-39
AuthorsJarrett (ed.)
Types CoveredCZECHOSLOVAKIA: Avia BH-3, Letov S.231, Aero A.101; FRANCE: Farman Goliath, Blériot-SPAD 33, Dewoitine D.27, Breguet 19 (Br.19, Breguet XIX, Br.XIX), D.500, Potez 631 (Po.631), Amiot 531 (Am.531), Farman F.221, Breguet 521 (Br.521), Loire 210 (Lo.210), Lavasseur PL.7, Latécoère 290 (La.290), Nieuport-Delage 52 (NiD.52); GERMANY: AEG J II, Do 17E-1, Junkers F 13, Dornier Wal, Junkers G 38, Ju 52/3m, He 70, He 111, Fw 200, Ju 90, Fi 156, Ju 86E-0, He 112 V9, DFS 230A-1, Do-X, Fokker D.VII, Ju 88 V1, He 51, Bf 109D, Hs 126; ITALY: S.66 (SM.66) twin-hull flying boat, S.73 (SM.73), Ca.101, S.55 (SM.55) twin-hull flying boat, Cant 25M (C.25M), Piaggio P.32, S.62 (SM.62) flying boat, Caproni 73 (Ca.73), CR.32, G.50; JAPAN: Ki-27, Ki-15, G3M2, A2N1, A5M, B3Y1; NETHERLANDS: Fokker F.III, Fokker E.VIIa, Fokker F.XXXVI, Fokker C.VII, Fokker D.VII, Fokker T.V; POLAND: PZL P-37; SOVIET UNION: ANT-6, Tupolev G-2, Polikarpov RZ, I-15, I-16, SB-2; SWEDEN: S.9 (Mercury-powered Hawker Osprey), Tupolev G-2; UK: HP.42W Hannibal, DH9, Vimy, HP20, Supermarine S6B, Wellesley, Short S20 "Mercury" & S21 "Maia" composite, S30 Empire flying boat, Harrow, DH16, O/400, S23 C-class Empire flying boat, HP45 Heracles, Armstrong Whitworth AWXV Atalanta, DH89 Dragon Rapide, DH91 Albatross, AW27, DH9A, Hinaidi, Hart, Firefly (1930s interceptor), Whirlwind, Wellington, Valentia, Victori, Bristol Fighter (F2B), Vernon, Wapiti, Virginia, Bombay, Seamew, Walrus, Felixstowe F5 flying boatSevern, Vickers Vulture II flying boat, Short S2 flying boat (metal-hulled Vickers Vulture II flying boat), Calcutta, Singapore, Kent, Nimrod, Shark, Dart, Ripon, Fulmar, Bulldog, Avro 504K, Supermarine S4, Pterodactyl, Short Silver Streak, Gamecock, Genral Aircraft GAL26 Monospar, Lysander, Gloster III seaplane racer, Gloster IV seaplane racer, HP21 monoplane fighter, Vickers Venom monoplane fighter, DH88 Comet, Atlas, Hendon, Hanley Page W10, Courier, GAL41 (pressurized Monospar), Monospar, TK4 racer, Monospar ST-25 Universal, Firefly II (1930s interceptor), Fox I, Blackburn, Raymor, Short Crusader seaplane racer, Nimrod, Bristol 133, Vickers Vespa, Hampden, Spitfire prototype, Avro Buffalo, DH60 Moth, Gypsy Moth, Vickers Vedette V, Fairey IIIF, Demon, Hurricane, Wellington, Hudson, Battle, Vildebeest, Spanish Fury S-1; USA: Ford 4-AT (Ford Trimotor, C-9), Vega, Orion, Delta, Monomail, B-10, Boeing 247, DC-3, XC-35 (C-35), Boeing 307 Stratoliner, Boeing 314 Clipper, Curtiss Condor, DC-2, Lockheed 10 Electra, DC-3, Martin MB-2, Boeing MB-3A, Martin 166 (export B-10), B-17A, SEV-1XP (P-35 prototype), Curtiss Eagle, USD-9A (DH9A), Sikorsky S40, Consolodated Commodore, Sikorsy S42 flying boat, PBY-2, F4B-1, TBD, SBC-4, Gamma, Dayton-Wright RB, Ryan "Spirit of St. Louis", C-54, Curtiss Tanager, Lockheed 14 Electra, Vultee 11 attack bomber, Seversky 2PA, FF-1, W1-A, SB2U, T4M1, LUSAC-11, Curtiss HA hyroaeroplane, Fokker PW-7, Bellanca PacemakerCurtiss CR-1 racer, Curtiss CR-3 seaplane racer, R3C2 seaplane racer, XB-19 (B-19), GE-23 (export FF-1)
Cockpit DetailsArmstrong Whitworth rgosy passenger cabin (p. 53), Boeing 247 (p. 166), Fokker F.III (p. 164), Fokker F.VIIb (p. 164), Fokker F.XII (p. 164)
Wheel Well DetailsHe 70 (p. 179)
Other DetailsAvro 504K structure (p. 130); Bulldog I structure (p. 126); Calcutta wing structure (p. 98); Demon fuselage structure (p. 224); Firefly II [1930s interceptor] gun installation (p. 188); Fokker D.VII (p. 130); Fokker F.III (p. 164) engine bay (p. 164); Gladiator sprung wheel (p. 177); Hampden canopy & propeller (p. 212); He 70 landing gear (p. 179); Hurricane fuselage structure (p. 230); Letov S.231 structure (p. 238); Piaggio P.32 double-slatted flap (p. 150); S.62 [SM.62] nose turret (p. 189); Polikarpov RZ rear gun emplacement (p. 188); SB2U-1 bomb trapeze (p. 192); Vultee V-1A landing gear (p. 179); Wellington fuselage structure (p. 231)
Cutaway DrawingsArmstrong Whitworth Atlas (p. 156, 157), Avro 504K (p. 130), DC-3 (p. 36. 37)
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