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Reference Details for Red Stars: Soviet Air Force in World War Two

Book Cover
TitleRed Stars: Soviet Air Force in World War Two
AuthorsGeust, Keskinen, Stenman
PublisherAr-Kustannus Oy
Types CoveredI-16, I-15, I-153, MiG-3, LaGG-3, La-5, La-7, Yak-1, Yak-9, Yak-7, Hurricane, Spitfire, P-40, P-400 &P-39), Mustang I (P-51), P-47, Bf 109G-2, Fw 190D-9, TB-1, SB-2, Ar-2, Yer-2, DB-3, Il-4, Pe-2, Tu-2, Pe-8, Il-2, Hampden, Mosquito, Albemarle, A-20, Li-2 (C-47, DC-3), Sha-2, MBR-2, MDR-5, MDR-6, KOR-1, KOR-2 (Be-4), OS2U, PBY & PBN, UT-1, UT-2, Polikarpov R-5, Neman R-10, Polikarpov Po-2 (U-2), Su-2, Yak-4, TS-1, Fw 189, Ju 52, Ju 252, Me 163S, Me 262A, He 162
Cockpit Details
Wheel Well Details
Other Details
Cutaway Drawings
Multiview Drawings
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings ProfilesA-20G Havoc (p. 158, 159), Bf 109G-2 (p. 156), Hampden I (p. 158), Hurricane II (p. 153), I-15bis (p. 155), I-16 (p. 154, 156), I-153 (p. 154), Il-2 (p. 157), Il-2m (p. 157), Il-2m3 (p. 157, 158), , Il-4 (p. 159)LaGG-3 (p. 155), La-5 (p. 155), La-5F (p. 155), MiG-3 (p. 153), Mustang I [P-51] (p. 156), P-39N (p. 156), P-40N (p. 154), P-400 [P-39] (p. 154), Pe-2 (p. 157, 158), SB-2M100 (p. 159), Spitfire VB (p. 155, 156), Tu-2 (p. 159), Yak-1 (p. 153), Yak-3 (p. 154), Yak-7B (p. 154), Yak-9D (p. 156), Yak-9M (p. 153)
NotesMuch overlap with "Red Stars in the Sky, Vols. 1-3," published by Tietoteos, but not a reprint

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