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Reference Details for Scale Aircraft Drawings: World War II

Book Cover
TitleScale Aircraft Drawings: World War II
PublisherAir Age Publishing
Types CoveredLancaster, B-17, B-29, PBY, B-24, P-40, SB2C, A-20 (Boston, Havoc), A-26, C-54, PT-19, PT-23, PT-26, CR.42, Fw 190, Gladiator, F4F, TBF (TBM), F6F, Hurricane, Ki-61, Hudson (AT-18, AT-28, AT-29, PBO), PBM, B-26, Bf 109, Me 262, A6M, G4M, Ki-84, P-51, P-61, P-47, Kaydet (PT-13, PT-17, PT-27, N2S), Spitfire, Ventura (B-34, B-37, PV), SB2U (Chesapeake, Vindicator), OS2U, Lysander, Whirlwind
Cockpit DetailsA-20 [Boston, Havoc] (p. 35); F4F (p. 55-57); TBF [TBM] (p. 62); F6F (p. 68, 69); Hurricane (p. 74, 75); Lysander (p. 140, 141); PBM (p. 85); Me 262 (p. 100); Spitfire V (p. 124); Ventura [B-34, B-37, PV] (p. 128)
Wheel Well DetailsF4F (p. 56)
Other Details
Cutaway Drawings
Multiview DrawingsA-20 [Boston, Havoc] (p. 34-37); C-54 (p. 42, 43); CR.42 (p. 47); F4F (p. 54-57); F6F (p. 66-69); Hudson [AT-18, AT-28, AT-29, PBO] (p. 80, 81); Hurricane (p. 72-75); Lancaster (p. 13); Lysander (p. 140-143); Me 262 (p. 98-101); P-40 (p. 28, 29); PBM (p. 84-87); PBY-5A (p. 23); PT-19, PT-23 & PT-26 (p. 45); SB2U [Chesapeake, Vindicator] (p. 134, 135); Spitfire V (p. 122-125); TBF [TBM] (p. 60-63); Ventura [B-34, B-37, PV] (p. 128-131); Whirlwind (p. 146, 147)
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings PatternsWW II national markings of USA, UK, France, Germany & Japan (p. 6-10)
Specific Markings Profiles
NotesCrude or obviously incorrect plans and drawings are not listed here

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