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Reference Details for USAAF Aircraft Markings and Camouflage: 1941-1947

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TitleUSAAF Aircraft Markings and Camouflage: 1941-1947
AuthorsArcher, Archer
Types CoveredA-20, A-24 (SBD), XA-41 (A-41), AT-6, AT-7, AT-8, AT-9, AT-11, AT-16, Ar 96B, B-19, B-17, B-18, B-24 (LB-30A), B-25, B-26, XB-28 (B-28), B-29, B-32, B-34 (Ventura), XB-35 (B-35), XB-36 (B-36), B-37 (Vega), XB-45 (B-45), XB-46 (B-46), BC-1, Bf 109G-6, Bf 110G-4, BT-9, BT-13, BT-14, BT-15, Baltimore I, Beaufighter VI, Bu 131, C-43 (GB, JB, Staggerwing), C-46, C-47, C-53, C-54, C-57, C-69, C-74, CG-4A, Cessna T-50, DB-7 (Boston), Do 217E-1, F-2 (photo-recon version of Beech Model 18), XF-12 (F-12), Fh 104A (Si 104A), Fw 190A-8, Fw 190D-9, Go 150, He 162A, Hudson V (A-29), Hurricane IIc, L-4, L-5, Me 262A-1a, Me 410A-3, Ju 88S-1, Mustang I (P-51), O-47, YO-57 (O-57), O-58, OA-10A (PBY-5a), P-36, P-38, P-39 (Airacobra), P-40, P-43, P-47, XP-54 (P-54), XP-59 (P-59), P-61, P-80 (F-80), XP-81 (P-81), XP-84 (YP-84, P-84, F-84), Potez 584, PT-13, XPT-16 (PT-16), PT-17, PT-19, PT-20, PT-21, Spitfire, UC-64 (C-64), UC-78 (C-78), Vengeance (A-31, A-35), Waco cabin biplane, Walrus
Cockpit Details
Wheel Well Details
Other DetailsB-25B nose landing gear (p. 61) & glazing (p. 60, 61), P-40C undersurfaces (p. 58)
Cutaway Drawings
Multiview Drawings
Generic Camouflage PatternsC-54A (p. 83), PT-17 (p. 31, 84, 99, 105, 225, 247)
Generic Markings PatternsA-20C[?] (p. 120), B-17E (p. 45), B-17F (p. 123), B-17G (p. 294-296), B-18A (p. 142), B-24D (p. 122), B-24H/J (p. 294-296), B-25B[?] (p. 121), C-54A (p. 83), F-8 [Mosquito PR.XVI] (p. 307), P-36 [and other combat-type aircraft c. 1941] (p. 22), P-38F/G/H (p. 118), P-40B/C (p. 42), P-40 D/E (p. 119), PT-17 (p. 31, 84, 99, 105, 225, 247), Spitfire IXe (p. 307); General specs (p. 38-40, 71, 102, 142, 153, 212, 289, 307)
Specific Markings ProfilesC-53 (p. 147), F-8 [Mosquito PR.XVI] (p. 307), P-36A (p. 13), P-40C (p. 17), Spitfire IXe (p. 307)
NotesIncludes printed color chips. Unnumbered continuation of Robert Archer's "The Official Monogram US Army Air Service & Air Corps Aircraft Color Guide. Vol. 1: 1908-1941" (Monogram, 1995)

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