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TitleWings of Fame, Volume 3
AuthorsDorr, Donald, Jackson, Thompson, Rankin-Lowe
PublisherAerospace / AIRtime
Types Covered"'HUNS' OVER VIET NAM" (Dorr): F-100; "ALL THE FOURS" (Donald): Hughes XF-11 (F-11), Republic XF-12 (F-12) Rainbow; "AVRO VULCAN" (Jackson): Avro 707, Avro Vulcan, Vickers Valiant; "FIGHTER COMBAT OVER KOREA, PART 3" (Thompson): B-26 (A-26), C-54, C-124, F-80, F-84, F-86E, F-94, F3D-2, F4U-4, F9F-2, Meteor F.8, F-51 (P-51), RF-80, Sea Fury; "FOCKE WULF FW 187" (Donald): Fw 187; "NORTH AMERICAN B-25 VARIANT BRIEFING" (Dorr): XB-21 (B-21), B-25 (AT-24, CB-25, RB-25, TB-25, F-10, NA-40, NA-98X, PBJ, Mitchell), XB-28 (B-28); "ROYAL CANADIAN AIR FORCE 1950-1959: PART 2" (Rankin-Lowe): Argus, Auster, Bristol Freighter, Canso, C-119, CF-100, CF-105 Arrow, CL-2 North Star, CL-44 Yukon, CL-52 (B-47), CL-540 Cosmopolitan, Dakota (C-47), Goose (G-21, OA-9, OA-13, JRF), Norseman, Otter, Sabre (F-86), T-34, Vampire
Cockpit DetailsVulcan (p. 70, 77)
Wheel Well Details
Other DetailsVulcan landing gear (p. 77); XF-12 [F-12] Rainbow camera installations (p. 31)
Cutaway DrawingsVulcan B.2 (p. 75, 76)
Multiview Drawings
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings ProfilesUK: Sea Fury FB.11 (p. 99), Vulcan B.2 (p. 53, 61, 71-74); USA [USAF]: B-25C (p. 129), B-25J (p. 122, 123), pre-production B-52H with orange hi-viz markings (p. 57), F-86E (p. 103, 105, 110), F-100D (p. 9), F-100D (p. 6, 7), F-100F (p. 11); USA [USN/USMC]: F3D-2 (p. 112), F4U-4B (p. 107), PBJ-1H [B-25H] (p. 132)
NotesQuarterly periodical

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