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Reference Details for Wings of Fame, Volume 5

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TitleWings of Fame, Volume 5
AuthorsThompson, Winchester, Mersky, Price, Gunston, Winchester, Gann, Rawlings
PublisherAerospace / AIRtime
Types Covered"SKOSHI TIGER" (Thompson): Northrop F-5, KC-135A, MiG-17; "ON ICE" (Winchester): C-130 & LC-130 Hercules, LC-47 (C-47), R4D, HUS (CH-19), UC-1 Otter, HTL (Bell 47K Souix), P2V, Auster T.7C, Beaver, C-54, C-124, R7V (C-121) Constellation, UH-2 Seasprite, HH-52, C-141, An-74, Convair 990, UH-1, C-5 Galaxy, HH-65 Dolphin; "VOUGHT F-8 CRUSADER" (Mersky): F-8 (F8U-1), RF-8; "SPITFIRE SPYPLANES" (Price): Spitfire PR.IA, Spitfire PR.IB, Spitfire PR.IC, Spitfire PR.IE, Spitfire PR.IF, Spitfire PR.IG, Spitfire PR.IV (Spitfire PR.ID), Spitfire PR.IX, Spitfire PR.X, Spitfire PR.XI, Spitfire PR.XIII, Spitfire PR.XIX, (Spitfire PR.19); "GERMAN JET VTOL" (Gunston): Ba 349, VJ 101C, VFW/Fokker VAK 191B, Do 31E; "FMA I.A.e.30 Ñamcú": ARGENTINIAN EAGLET (Winchester): FMA I.A.e.30 Ñamcú (Namcu); "DOUGLAS A-4 SKYHAWK VARIANT BRIEFING: PART 2" (Gann): A-4; "RAF FIGHTERS 1920-1929" (Rawlings): Sopwith Snipe, Armstrong-Whitworth Ara, B.A.T. FK22 Bantam II, B.A.T. FK25 Basilisk, Sopwith Snapper, Westland Wagtail, Gloster (Nieuport) Nighthawk, Gloster (Nieuport) Nightjar, Hawker Woodcock, Parnall Panther, Gloster Grebe, Gloster Gamecock, Armstrong-Whitworth Siskin, Bristol Bulldog
Cockpit DetailsF-8 Crusader (p. 34), Spitfire PR.XI (p. 107)
Wheel Well Details
Other DetailsSpitfire PR.XI ventral cameras (p. 110)
Cutaway DrawingsDo 31E (p. 123), F-8E (p. 69, 70), VFW/Fokker VAK 191B (p. 126), VJ 101C X2 (p. 119)
Multiview Drawings
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings ProfilesISRAEL: A-4N Skyhawk (p. 138); UK: Bulldog III (p. 153), Gamecock (p. 152), Grebe (p. 152), Siskin III (p. 153), Siskin IIIA (p. 153), Snipe (p. 152), Spitfire PR.IG (p. 103), Spitfire PR.XI (p. 109), Woodcock II (p. 152); USA [USAF]: F-5C (p. 17); USA [USN/USMC]: F-8E (p. 63, 71-76), F8U-1 (p. 68), RF-8G (p. 77)
NotesQuarterly periodical

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